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"Hundred years ago companies stopped generating their own power and plugged into the electric grid… Today information technology is going through the same revolution."
- Nicholas Carr

What is cloud computing?

Like electricity and water supply, so does internet and the use of cloud based corporate governance systems becoming a public-service. It’s a trend since years that companies are trusting more instead of the on-premise systems in cloud based corporate governance systems.

Heading to the Cloud – but how?
Although the trend itself is clear, he process is far from trivial and it has many pitfalls. Recognizing this Pannon Set Ltd. develops cloud based business management systems, which helps the clients in this transformation to the Cloud from the beginning to the end. The advantages of the Cloud:

Flexible: Quackly and easily scalable based ont he IT needs
Affordable: You only pay for that what you use and also the hardware and other IT related costs are minimized
Available: Every day 24/7 available from anywhere and from any device
Simple: You can free your IT department from software updates and server managment tasks

About us

We have been developing cloud based corporate governance systems since 1999. Ever since then our products were developed based on the professional knowledge and experience of our staff, balancing inspiration, planning and technology.

As digitalisation is keep on accelerating, we offer next-generation IT solutions, such as cloud computing, mobility, or bigdata analytics in order to assist our customers to recognise and reply to their customers' needs, increase their work efficiency all while keeping excess costs to a minimum.

Lépést tartunk a legújabb technológiai trendekkel, de számunkra a legfontosabb az ember, aki a rendszert használja. Ezért arra törekszünk, hogy ügyfeleink problémáját a sajátunknak tekintsük, és együtt örüljünk a közösen elért sikereknek.

About us



1.Needs assessment, design a prototype

Together with the customer, we assess and define the goals / functions that the system must successfully fulfil during operation. Our goal is to collect all the information that may be required for the operation of the system. Based on the collected information, we prepare the requirement specification and build an initial system based on similar functions and existing components.

2.Development cycle
2.1.Demonstration and Testing

The project managers present the developed prototype. The end-users have the opportunity to test the funcionality of the software and point out what they think differently and what they would like to add.

2.2.Fine tuning

Based on the feedbacks we refine the requirements. Every iteration complements the already developed prototype.

2.3.Further development and Build

Based on the requirements, we are developing the system. This cycle is repeated until the end-users are satisfied with the functional operation of the system.

3.System test

In this testing phase, we examine with different test cases whether the generated code can work with the rest of the software (integration tests). We also test the response times and the processing speed for different workloads and configurations (performance test). We check the compliance of the system also for data security and data protection with the the state-of the-art methods.

4.Documentation, Training, Deployment – Going Live

The first step in the training process is to train the testers who are participating in the system acceptance test. In the next phase, we train the key users and end users. The operators and system administrators are educated and coached continuously throughout the training process.

The live start of the system can take place when the acceptance tests are successfully completed and the users are trained.


In case of any need for modifications, changes or additional features in the system, we are at the customer’s disposal. We are ready to deliver the new releases during the continuous operation of the system.

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