The PS Coorporate governance system provides a complex solution for various type and size of companies. It’s a complex solution for the continuous collection, processing and storage of the information generated during the organizational processes. You can manage a track the entire workflow of your company on a customized and clear interface.

With PS ERP you can track and optimize your processes from the beginning to the end, you can easily handle the procurement, inventory managmnet, manufactoring execution and scheduling, transportaion and also your financial (invoicing and accounting) and HR processes. Data only needs to be recorded once, with any modification all the related information is automatically updated through all the related modules so there is no need to re-enter data. From the information you can easily generate immediately available, up-to-date reports and queries.

PS Etalon ERP

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In the PS CRM system, all Customer related events - Who to whom, When, What, Why, How- are recorded from the first contact until the Customer remains a Customer.

In this way, customer relations, and all of the internal workflows, can be managed in an organized and coordinated manner so that the Customer is in focus.

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Have you ever needed an old contract, perhaps an invoice or employment contract? If yes, do you remember how much time and research it took to find the old documents or to ask it from the accounting again? The Electronic Docoument Managment System from Pannon Set gives you a complete solution to perform all tasks and processes with documents and e-mails. Our solution offers a fast and easy way to enter and digitise the documents. Our most important aspect, besides the structured and clear display of documents, is the complete search capability, as this can save our customers the most time and energy.

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NETFAKTOR is a Hungarian online market platform for receivables, which as a stock market analogy brings sellers and buyers together on a single location. So NETFAKTOR is online auction platform for investors and sellers who want to trade with account receivables.

  • Seller side: More than 20 companies (banks, public utilities, large companies, factor companies)
  • -

  • Buyer side: More than 100 registrated factor companey
  • In NETFAKTOR the seller offers presented concentrated, so the sellers can easly choose from the receivable packages those ones which are intresting for bidding.

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Receivables Managment System

KKR® - Receviables and Collection Management System offers a support in every step of the collection process, from the soft collection to the completion of legal phases. With the help of the KKR® by supporting and automating workflows, the work of the employees becomes more traceable and efficient (significant time and energy saving).

Who benefits from KKR?

Factoring companies and Account receivables collection agencies, public utility companies and also any midsize and large enterprises with lot of account receivables.

Types of our system:

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About Workflow managment systems

With our Workflow system you can track the work products and proccesses and also you will be able to automate them. By using our Workflow System, you can:

  • Have support for your managment control systems
  • Cooardinating the independent and dependent tasks of the organizational units
  • Track the status of the automated proccesses
  • Track tasks and sub-tasks
  • Track the deadlines
  • Track the standatdised processes which is stored, accessable and searchable
  • Display of Process Maps
  • Classify and check the suitability of processes and their elements
  • Create workgroups and personal responsibilities
  • Have a structured authorization

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The turnover and the number of orders on webshops are rapidly increasing. With the solution of the Pannon Set your company can also enter into this global sales platform and increase domestic and international sales.

The basis of our Webshop solution is that the webshop module and your warehouse stock is integrated (works with the same database). With this solution you can have a competitive advantage.

The PS Webshop provides advanced product search and comparison capabilities, various promotion possibilties and campaign creation and up-to-date inventory information. In addition, the PS Webshop sends an automatically generated database to the price comparison pages, so always the current status will be displayed. We provide data connectivity and collaboration with courier services, so the package shipping is grouped and fast. You can further increase the accessibility of your webstore by automated chat and automated Facebook Marketplace integration.

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Access Control System

The Wellnes and access control system is a customizable and uniqe development of Pannon Set. It’s fully satisfies the operatonal needs of thermal and open-air bathes, wellness hotels, swimming pools, fitness centers.

With then Pannon Set Access Control System, you will be able to track and coordinate the complete wokflow on a cloud based platform. You can track and manage tickets and season tickets sales, billing, and you can easily define and schedule group, seasonal and special promotions. You can manage the lockers and access gates, buffets, gift shops salso in multi-zone complexes. You can generate visit and financial statistics, reports at any time.

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